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Our tailored approach to learning French will help improve your communication, and you can practice what you’ve learned on exchange, with (or without) our unique iBA, at the Sorbonne or other universities. We will help you succeed with leading-edge programs that are relevant to the classroom and beyond. Take time to think about your future and begin your studies. The specialized honours program combines core global health knowledge with a choice of one of the following concentrations: global health policy, management and systems; global health and the environment; global e-health; and global health promotion and disease prevention. A broadly humanities-based, interdisciplinary program within Canada’s largest Film Department in which students acquire a comprehensive knowledge of cinema and media through theoretical, historical and critical frameworks. Develop a solid grounding in interdisciplinary social science research methods and critical social theory. From the cellular level to the whole body in the bioscience, psychological and sociocultural domains, our program offers more course selections, taught by full-time faculty, than any other university in Canada. In this program you will acquire a critical, in-depth understanding of the relationship between business, social structures and government, and evaluate the ways in which business and society influence one another. Our small classes will facilitate an in-depth exploration of the past. Choose from streams in Game Arts, websites that help you with your homework Digital Media Arts and Digital Media Development. Learn what “doing theatre” is all about: onstage, backstage, behind the scenes and front of house. Geomatics Engineering blends the knowledge of science and engineering with information technologies to solve complex, real-world problems. Our personalized, hands-on Actuarial Science program will prepare you to write the actuarial certification exams to become an in-demand professional in the buzzing field of financial risk management — all while pursuing research opportunities with your expert professors. You’ll discover how to develop answers to these questions and how to engage in fruitful arguments with alternative points of view. The Greek community in Toronto, with the creation of the Hellenic Heritage Foundation Chair in Modern Greek History, has chosen York University to be the premiere centre of Hellenic Studies in Ontario. Relevant, real-world, pioneering programs that give access to global business networks. Apply theory to real life through hands-on involvement in organizations, including our Women & Trans Centre, York’s Centre for Human Rights, our student-run advocacy organization GLgbt* and more. They design and implement solutions to an ever-increasing range of engineering problems. Actuaries model risk in designing insurance policies, pension plans and similar programs. Sociology is the study of social lives: how people connect in groups, how societies are organized and evolve. Computer Security specialists help improve safety for online interactions and protect our data from virus attacks.

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In just 12 months of intensive study, you’ll master the quantitative and technical expertise needed for a rewarding career in this high-demand field. You can also add courses in other academic areas to give you a degree with breadth. Designed for students whose academic interests are best met by a customized program of study that allows them to choose courses across the University. This program focuses on the biology of environmental issues, integrating ecological theory and practice to predict, quantify and address the impact of stressors such as habitat loss, homework help forums pollutants, climate change, resource harvesting and invasive species on living systems. Program majors will examine the nature of thought, memory, perception and language from a variety of perspectives to acquire a rich understanding of the mind. Wide-ranging possibilities for interdisciplinary study in Canada’s largest graduate Psychology program. Be part of the dialogue on foreign and security policy, war and conflict, global poverty and new social movements. One of Canada’s largest and most interdisciplinary programs, with particular strengths in democratic administration and the international political economy. Specialize in Production & Design (including stage management), Acting (voice, unisa creative writing honours movement, performance) or Theatre Studies (playwriting, dramaturgy, devised theatre, drama in education) in a premier program that has launched a generation of celebrated talent for the stage and screen. Program focuses on analyzing the key challenges in Canadian public life, placing Canadian public institutions in a global setting and applying the core knowledge and tools of public management and policy. Work hands-on with practicing professionals in exceptional production and performance facilities. Biotechnology is the application of science and engineering in the innovative use of living organisms to create new products that improve the quality of  our food, health and environment. Develop an understanding of the challenges and opportunities for the Global South in the face of existing inequalities between rich and poor nations, and the political-institutional, cultural, socio-economic and ecological factors presently affecting international development. Jewish Studies provides a model for exploring some of the larger humanistic and philosophical questions affecting us all. Equips students with the skills and knowledge required to prepare for, mitigate, respond to and recover from local, national and international disasters and emergencies. A conservatory studio program for advanced theatre artists who wish to upgrade their skills or seek the knowledge needed to teach. Canada’s only dedicated MFA program in Screenwriting, training students in all aspects of writing for the screen, including television and cinema. Choose from streams in Choreography/Performance, creative writing slave Dance Education and Dance Studies. We offer you professional training in contemporary/modern dance with options in urban, contemporary/ballet and world dance, complemented by courses in composition, production, dance history and ethnography. Biophysics is an exciting discipline at the intersection of physics and biology in which the methods and techniques of physics are applied to study organisms and biological processes. You’ll learn to think and write critically and will be prepared to succeed in any career that requires effective communication. Specific career paths will depend on the major ultimately chosen. Explore major topics in the first and only BSc biology program in southern Ontario with courses in English or French. Interactive systems engineering concerns the intelligent interaction of systems with the user or the environment. Choose one of two areas of concentration: Applied & Industrial Mathematics or Financial Mathematics.

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Recognition is given to the multiple cultures that coexist in contemporary society and to the many contexts and concerns shaping musical expression and research. Take courses in French and English within three concentrations: Communication, Culture & Society; Organizations & Communication; and Technology & Communication. We offer an innovative, interdisciplinary and comprehensive legal education focused on law in action. Broaden your career horizons with Commerce, one of the largest business programs in Canada. Students are encouraged to apply and challenge plural theoretical perspectives while acquiring in-depth insight into varieties of French and the literatures of the Francophone world. Be part of this dynamic discussion. Completion of the program will also lead to a recommendation to the Ontario College of Teachers for a teaching certificate. Molecular, Cellular & Integrative Physiology; Neuroscience & Biomechanics; Health & Fitness Behaviours. Social, historical and cultural contexts of education and contemporary practices of pedagogy, learning and curriculum inform scholarly inquiry. As much of our lives today takes place in cyberspace, we depend on safe, threat-free computers. Mechanical Engineering is one of the oldest and most wide-ranging of the engineering disciplines and considered a cornerstone for any engineering faculty. With an emphasis on international issues, our program is based in our inclusive, progressive dual-campus community. What is sexuality in varying transnational and global contexts? When you graduate from Schulich — Canada’s Global Business School™ — you will have the sharp skills and knowledge necessary for success in today’s global marketplace. Students are also offered an opportunity to study abroad for the summer in Florence, Rome or Bologna. Environmental Science focuses on the major interacting systems of the atmosphere, biosphere, water and landforms, as well as on the effect of human activity on these systems. Specializing in the history of Europe, the Americas and the Near East, this program will nurture your historical interests with courses in English or French.

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Ranked among the top 25 MBA programs globally, offering 20 areas of specialization, 3 campuses and various start and scheduling choices. While some of our students go on to law school, Law & Society is not a pre-law preparatory program. Economics lies at the root of most social challenges today. Crime and criminality are central concerns in our contemporary world. More than 15 specializations, including: Administrative Law; Dispute Resolution; Constitutional Law; Energy & Infrastructure Law; Family Law; Banking & Financial Services. Engage in topics such as media and culture, health and illness, gender and sexuality, development, religion and science and displaced peoples. Computer engineers gain deep knowledge about hardware and software design, and they are uniquely qualified to work on computer systems involving these aspects. In a distinct departure from conventional nursing curricula, the program integrates human science and relational principles with theoretical knowledge on transformational and organizational leadership, caring and narrative pedagogies, homework helper lesson 5 global and local policy and human health experiences.